The Phoenix Pastificio, aka Phoenix Pasta, makes Fresh Pasta, Sauces, Handmade Ravioli, Bread, and Pastries on their premises daily.

Sheet Pasta:

Fresh Egg Pasta made with semolina flour* in 10"x13" sheets, has various thickness: Regular, Thin, Extra Thin, Thick, & Extra Thick, to fit your cooking or baking needs. They can be cut to 4 different width: Pappardelle, Fettucine, Linguine, and Angel Hair. The Whole Wheat sheet pasta is eggless.

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Eggless Extruded Pasta: Vegan

Eggless extruded pasta includes Vegan Spaghetti, Bucatini, Seashells, Cameroni/Rigatoni, Radiatore, and Rotini are made with semolina flour* and water. Various flavors include: Plain, Whole Wheat, Meyer Lemon, Spinach, Garlic Parsley, Porcini, Spelt, Sun Dried Tomato, Squid Ink, Stinging Nettle…etc.

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Handmade Ravioli:

Our ravioli are handmade, using our extra thin fresh sheet pasta. Showing in the photo are Spinach Pasta, Sweet Pea Pasta, and Roasted Red Bell Pepper Pasta used to compliment ravioli fillings. Vegan ravioli available as well.

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All our pasta sauces are made in our kitchen with fresh ingredients.

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Baked Goods:

We bake with the best ingredients around the world. Whole Kalamata Olives from Greece are used in our Rustic Olive Bread.

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* Organically grown & processed in accordance with the California Organic Foods Act of 1990

You can purchase these products in our shop, located at 1250 Addison Street/Bonar, Berkeley, CA 94702 USA

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